The tumultuous Middle Ages, wars, disease and population losses devastated the land and transformed a fertile country into a deserted wasteland. In more recent times, the area recovered after the First World War and fishing once more assumed a major role. A fish processing plan was established in 1929, and it operated until the end of the 1980s.

Marija Crnobori

Banjole, 1918 - Belgrade, 2014, Croatian film and theatre actress

The Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea was restored and the steeple was reconstructed with old dressed stone taken from a nearby site dated to Late Antiquity/early Middle Ages.

Pilchards, the symbol of Banjole


a small flat-bottomed wooden boat with a tapered stem and truncated stern


a small flat-bottomed wooden fishing boat that curves slightly toward the stem and stern, with a small protruding end at the stem and a 1:3 ratio between length and width


a small seafaring fishing boat, with rounded flanks and tapered stem and stern, a single pair of oars and a mast with lateen sail

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