Premantura is situated on a rise farther from the sea. A community of traditional houses spread around the main square and church, and in the modern era it has grown into a tourism hub.

The area of Premantura has been settled since prehistory, and all through Antiquity and the Middle Ages, when during the era of Venetian rule it was permanently settled by families from the Zadar hinterland and southern Dalmatia, so that in 1638 the village had a population of 270. The parish Church of St. Lawrence was dedicated in 1664. In the 19th/20th centuries, an Austro-Hungarian strategic fortification system was constructed in the Premantura area.

Church of St. Lawrence with steeple constructed in the 19th century

Tone Peruško

Premantura, 1905 - Pula, 1967, Croatian writer and teacher, founder of the Teacher Training Academy in Pula. He published major scholarly works, among them an orthographic manual, and he was the founder and editor of several journals. He introduced the course on study of local heritage, to which he accorded considerable attention.

Antun Bogetić

1922 - Pula, 2017, Poreč-Pula bishop, missionary, much loved by the public. He deserves credit for the establishment of the classics gymnasium in the building of the Pazin Seminary/Pazin College. He was the founder of the Redemptoris Mater Diocesan Mission Seminary and the High Theology Academy in the seminary. He was the author of many books on spirituality, and certainly the most notable was his autobiography, “My Life, From the Andes to the Pacific Ocean.”

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