The sites of the hillforts of Volam and Gradina, north of Premantura, Kastril and Debeljak have been inhabited since prehistory, while sites from Antiquity and Late Antiquity are located in Močila Cove, Polje, Sveti Martin, Kastril and Skokovica.

The goddess Minerva, the patron of wisdom and the arts, commerce, crafts, warfare and medicine, was one of the chief Roman deities. The bronze figurine was found on the shore in Premantura in 1930, dated to 1st or 2nd century. It probably belonged to a household shrine in a nearby Roman villa.

The cave at Gradina

The cave at Gradina near Premantura is a vital archaeological site. It was in use from prehistory to Late Antiquity. One of the most important finds is the prehistoric iron cross-bladed axe, which points to a trade route from Anatolia via mainland Greece to the Northern Adriatic.

Močila Cove

The Roman-era structure in Močila Cove served the Roman economy, given that evidence of olive growing and olive oil production was found there.

Debeljak Cove

A Roman-era ship from the 4th or 5th century from Debeljak Cove gives some insight into the development of shipbuilding in the Adriatic. The vessel was made using the wooden mortise and tenon technique.

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