Medulin, a town on a rise 29 meters above sea level, is the seat of the eponymous municipality. Thanks to urbanization and tourism, it expanded southward to Medulin Bay. The advantages of life here were already recognized in prehistory, to which finds from the Neolithic testify. Once a fishing community, it grew into one of the most important hubs of Croatian tourism, offering fun and dynamic vacations.

Notable persons born in Medulin include Fr. Luka Kirac, a Croatian Catholic priest, politician and activist in the national awakening, Ivan Cukon, a Croatian attorney, politician, fighter for the rights of Istrian Croats and writer of the celebratory Istrian song “Lovely Land, Dear Istria, Home of the Croatian Folk,” and Mate Demarin, a notable Croatian education expert after whom the primary school in Medulin is named. 

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