Medulin Bay

Medulin Bay is an area that, as a safe anchorage, was once safeguarded by numerous prehistoric hillforts. During Antiquity, farming villas were constructed here, and their submerged docks can be found in Pomer, Funtana, Munkalba, Burle, Pineta, Bijeca, Pošesi and Kažela. The sands of Bijeca conceal a Roman-era salt pan and fish nursery. In the middle of the bay, a luxurious villa/palace on Vižula Peninsula boasts of its beauty, grandeur and importance as the villa of Crispus where, due to court intrigues, this son of Constantine was executed in the 4th century. Its submerged parts with a harbour and breakwater and the partially submerged necropolis of Burle today speak of its importance. In the Middle Ages, life moved from the sea to the nearby heights, so that a port for fishers, and today tourists, emerged in Fontana Cove.

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